Tip of the day: Don’t buy “Jif reduced fat peanut butter to go” expecting to eat the whole thing and lose weight. Apparently when I bought this item I did not read the label…I thought I had a great idea for a snack at work. I brought some celery sticks and this PB to go..the serving was 1 cup and the container did not have a nutrition label…the nutrition label was on the main packaging instead. ALWAYS read labels because when I got home I was surprised…No, I was SHOCKED to find out that the 1 cup of peanut butter was 9 points!! I’ll say that again, 9 points!!! It had 380 calories and 35 GRAMS of FAT!!! OMG!!! Not good…I didn’t have any more points for dinner! Luckily I had some extra points left in the week so I dipped into them. I ended up having 6 oz salmon and a peas, onions, mushrooms, rice mixture I had made the night before…but goodness gracious, that was some costly peanut butter to say the least!! So, word to the wise, ALWAYS READ LABELS!! Hopefully this didn’t spoil my week…I think its been going really well and I’m on track to kick some Nathan butt!!! lol! Til next time…



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