August 12 2009

Hello Everyone,
I hope all is well with you.  I have started back to the gym.  I have to use a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea.  I constanly forget to put it on.  I would say that I have consistently been using it each night for about a week now.  The goal is to one day not need that.

Got up again 2 days in a row now before six.  It allowed me to make breakfast and then head to the gym for a workout.  The workouts are not like they use to be, but right now 40-45 minutes is about what I can handle.  Like Bob says from the Biggest Loser, at least your moving!

Today at work I didn’t feel so hot as the weather has been changing here.  I went home and took an hour nap along with some medication and have felt wonderful since.

I got up this morning to do my weigh in, and as Marissa was so nice in pointing out, I lost 4.8 lbs this week which is huge, and a great overall victory.  It feels great, and to be honest the clothes still fit a bit tight, but not like they did.  Before I use to wear a caution sign that said “Caution buttons could pop any minute”~ only kidding but it was getting bad.  Now I can button my pants without them prying open, which is a great feeling.  I have a lot more weight to go, but it is nice to have someone who is there every step of the way cheering you or talking smack!  I prefer both! 

I wish Marissa the best tomorrow at Weigh In.  I hope she gets a big loss as she has been really sticking to the program.  I want her to lose some weight but then again I don’t want her to beat me.  To break it down if she loses 3.9 lbs or less she will not win this weeks challenge.  If she loses 4.0 lbs she will tie, and there will be no prize exchange.  If she loses 4.1 lbs or more she will win this weeks challenge.  I have to say I have been saying my share of smack talk, but all in fun and love. 

I have decided that to reward myself for my weight loss that when I get to 269.9 lbs I will buy a new IPOD.  I currently have a MP3 Player.  This means I will have lost 69.1 lbs since my original joining date of 9/2008, and 60.7 lbs since I went back on the program in 7/2009 and it will be a loss of 51.3 lbs since today.  This will not be easy, but I think it is a good way to set goals like this.  The weekly goals do more for me.  It is still a great incentive.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Take care,



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