Hello Sunday

So, after a weekend of not keeping track of everything I ate, it is time to get back on track again. Not that this weekend was disastrous, but I definitely wasn’t on my best behavior when it came to food! I did lose 2 pounds this past week…not sure if Nathan updated our current losses to date yet…probably not because he was here with me visiting this weekend! Sometimes, you have to just let yourself go and work hard to get back on track. After all, this is a life change isn’t it? And the reality of life is that you go through ups and downs…whats the point if you can’t let yourself go and enjoy everything around you once in a while. I guess you could say Nathan and I thought of this past weekend as our vacation from the world…we really enjoyed each other and everything around us. If someone is reading this, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but Nathan and I are currently in a long distance relationship…we see each other about once a month and talk every day on the phone. It’s no easy task, but its working for us and WW is just another way to keep us connected. I lost the weight loss challenge last week : ( But I had a huge week before and it was inevitable that I would slow a bit. And we all know that men lose weight more easily than women!! This just plain sucks!! I have a feeling that these losses I’m experiencing are just the beginning, but really as long as I’m losing weight, I’m winning in the end! This challenge is so fun and I hope more couples try it out together. It’s so much easier when you have each other for support and motivation. If one of you is having a bad day, the other if there to keep your eye on the goal…which in the end is a healthier, happier , longer life together.

I hope everyone’s journey is going well…its a long, windy road, but eventually we’ll get to our destination!



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